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Our Story

Meet Chitra & Manoj

We are Chitra & Manoj , husband and wife duo , founders of Mind Cognizance. We live in Brisbane with our two children. We migrated to Australia in 2011 after working in India and UAE for many years. We both consciously strive to maintain a healthy work-life balance to achieve our professional and personal goals. NLP inspired us to look at things differently and has enabled us to maintain an open and positive mindset. We are now more self-aware, confident and resilient. With this positive change and clarity of thoughts, we now focus on what makes our lives happy and fulfilling.

We appreciate how positive thinking has transformed our lives.

Our intention is to help you make a positive change in life that will allow you to focus on your goals with a clear mind.

We founded Mind Cognizance to positively touch the lives of others to help
others take control of their life like we did.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to empower people to focus, create a positive change and achieve their goals.

Our Values

Our vision is to help people

  • Gain Confidence and Clarity of thoughts
  • Adapt to Change and Increase Choice
  • Have Positive and Open mind

About Us